“It’s a big club and you ain’t in it.” – George Carlin

Google shows mostly all the same websites for every search phrase related to your business.

Page 1 is dominated by large, private equity-owned websites, national and global companies, and mega lead generation portals that sell consumer data as recycled “leads” for you to buy (no thanks).

If you want to place anywhere that actually gets traffic, it’s an insane amount of money.

Directory websites act like the mafia to list you on THEIR website, only to sell your potential clients to your direct competitors.

That, my friends, is the machine.

You must outsmart it.

Enter: rebel iQ

And welcome to the next evolution of mortgage marketing and customer acquisition.

I’m incredibly proud of what our team has built with leadpops over the last decade.

However, conversations around customer acquisition and business development shouldn’t start with “leads” and they definitely don’t end with them.

At a time where the cost of customer acquisition and manufacturing a loan is the most it has ever been, the industry needs a solution that focuses on Marketing Revenue Optimization and increasing the sum of your income.

With that goal, we’ve built rebel iQ to help our clients and partners create a more robust and resilient business.

We do this by looking at the big picture, including:

– Marketing Revenue Optimization (MRO) opportunities

– Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)

– Creating Diverse Revenue Streams that strengthen your core mortgage business

– Tools, strategies, and services for customer acquisition through B2C and B2B channels

– Selecting the right partners by leveraging our Trusted Partner Network + how to stack and use them together

– Ongoing expert coaching and training to make it all work

– Execution

leadpops will remain the name of the platform and technology.

rebel iQ is the brain, including strategy, consulting, services, and access to our Trusted Partner Network that puts it all together.

You no longer have to settle for what everyone else does because the status quo does not exist here. It is a new era in mortgage marketing and we invite you to join us.

Together, we will outsmart the machine. 


Andrew Pawlak, CEO