From mortgage firm receptionist to top broker and role model for women. 

Kinda sounds like the plot of a movie starring Julia Roberts, doesn’t it?

But this is no movie — this is the story of leadpops client Elena Boland!

Today, Elena is a leader in the competitive Reno, Nevada mortgage space. Her brokerage, Wholesale Mortgage Services Reno, has increased its fundings by 20% month after month. She’s a leader in the Association of Mortgage Experts (AIME) Network, and dominates the Reno search space for mortgage funding.

So how did she get here?

Learning to lead(Pops) by example

Elena started as a receptionist in the mortgage industry. As she learned more about the business of helping families find and finance their homes, she rose through the ranks to become a broker herself.

And while she was hugely successful in reaching target clients in her area, Elena had her eyes on a bigger market. She knew there would come a day when “traditional” offline marketing would no longer work as well for her brokerage…

So Elena started looking for smart next steps to grow her business online. She’d be the first to tell you that online marketing isn’t her forte — but helping people in the mortgage industry is. 

That’s when she found leadPops.

Elena knew she needed an online marketing company that knew what they were doing, and could guide her and her team to success. 

At first, Elena was interested in “just a website”. She started working with us to redo her professional website and help her establish an online reputation.

Well, one thing led to another… 

And soon, leadpops was helping Wholesale Mortgage Services Reno win more leads through paid advertising on Facebook and Google. (You can imagine the enthusiastic knuckle-cracking as we all got down to work.)

So much more than “just a website”

Alongside her dedicated leadpops Marketing Advisor, Elena and her team have been able to grow online the right way. 

Instead of cutting corners, using frowned-upon SEO techniques, or paying for shady marketing services, Elena focused on building a solid online foundation for her business.

And the work is paying off. Wholesale Mortgage Services Reno has increased fundings by a stunning 20% every month! 

Through her hard work, dedication, and (possibly the most crucial move she could have made) wisely knowing when to bring in the marketing pros, Elena allowed leadpops to guide her to a strong, holistic marketing approach.

Now, her brokerage only generates leads online — and Elena and her staff close deals more quickly and effortlessly than ever before.

In her own words:

“I frequently ask buyers to go to our website, because I’m confident to steer them that direction. Because I know that it’s going to look the right way —  and that when they put their information in, it’s going to get into the right hands. It’s kind of funny… we’re always trying to get clients, but the real question is, once you get their attention, where are you sending them?”

Better tools & a great team make all the difference

Before working with leadPops, Elena didn’t have a true CRM. Now, the Wholesale Mortgage Services Team leverages their CRM to help her stay in communication with leads, clients, and realtors (who are an incredibly valuable source of leads, as we all know!).

In fact, they have noticed that the leads that come through leadpops consumer direct marketing often say that they are not currently working with a realtor. 

Most of our leadPop funnels that come in the questionnaire: Are you working with a realtor? 90% of them say no.”

Plus, because their lead-gen and marketing tools are seamlessly integrated into their CRM and branded with the Wholesale Mortgage palette and logo, it’s easy to become unforgettable… and edge out the competition.

Pairing the Wholesale Mortgage Services marketing managers with leadpops team members has also allowed Elena’s staff to get hands-on experience using the leadpops suite of growth tools. This has proven to be a successful initiative not only to grow the business, but also to grow its employees into independent, capable team members.

And that’s not all.

Thanks to their work with leadPops’ Local SEO Services, Wholesale Mortgage Services now also ranks in the Reno Nevada Local Search pack. This means that along with pulling in qualified leads from paid traffic, they’re attracting organic traffic from positive reviews.

One year later… 

If this were a movie, there’d be a montage here of Elena and her hardworking team steadily growing their business, offering high-touch client service, and truly loving the work they do.

But this is a blog post. 

So instead, we’ll just tell you what Elena says about her work with us. 😉

Elena describes leadpops and our whole team as “invaluable, because not only do they provide me with lead-generating tools and solutions, but they are there for me and my team as needed.” 

She’s been with leadpops for over a year now, and she’s seen the digital marketing scene change constantly (as it tends to do). Thankfully, leadpops stays on top of those changes. We continue to offer our customers elegant and effective ways to adapt and evolve with the marketplace. 

For example, when iOS 14.5 arrived, Elena made the decision to switch to Google Ads. With noticeable differences in ad volume, but improvements in overall lead intent, this switch hasn’t stopped the WMS Reno Team from continuing to build relationships, close leads, and dominate their market.

Want to star in your own “Elena Story”? Get in touch.

Despite her relative inexperience with online marketing when she started out, Elena showed that you don’t have to have years of marketing expertise under your belt to succeed.

Does this sound like a movie you might be in the middle of?

If you’re hoping to balance industry-leading Do It Yourself tools (like, ahem, the ones we make) with more hands-on guidance from friendly marketing experts, we’d love to hear from you.

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And should you choose to take the plunge and work with us after all that great advice? 

Get ready for lights, camera, and lots of leads.