Business Loans: add another smart & relevant additional income stream

(without being solely dependent on the residential mortgage market)

By offering business loans, you can diversify your source of income beyond the residential mortgage market, which can be subject to fluctuations and downturns (in case you haven’t heard).

Whether you’re interested in passive income by tapping into a network of trusted referral and affiliate partners you can simply send business to…

Or active income by offering these business loan solutions inhouse (and making a much bigger piece of the pie), we can help you integrate the right systems and partners to make it all work.

Talk to our team and see if adding business loan solutions is right for you.

Business loans typically involve larger amounts than residential mortgages. Therefore, even a small volume of business loans can significantly contribute to a mortgage originator’s total loan volume.

3 Common Goals Related to Adding Business Loan Solutions as a Revenue Stream for Mortgage Originators

Improved Risk Management: Having a diversified portfolio of both residential and business loans can potentially help me manage risk more effectively. If there’s a downturn in the residential market, for example, the business loan portfolio might still perform well.

Cross-Selling Opportunities: Residential clients often have other financial needs, such as business financing. A mortgage originator that can meet these needs has a built-in market for their business loan solutions. This can also enhance client relationships and improve my customer retention.

Business Cycle Management: Residential and commercial real estate markets don’t always move in sync. They may be influenced by different factors and may peak or trough at different times. By offering both types of loans, I can potentially smooth out my income over different phases of the business cycle.

Business Loan Lead Generation
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