We live in the digital world, right?

So we can kiss those traditional marketing tactics goodbye…

…but, not so fast.

Sure, digital marketing tactics are ideal for the digital environment.

They’ll give you everything you need to scoop up leads and analyze your results.

But we don’t want to toss the baby out with the bathwater here, either.

We want to make sure that we’re doing everything we can to boost online traffic, particularly when one of your chief problems as an online marketer is that you can’t seem to get enough raw traffic coming in to your site.

Assuming that you have a site that’s ready to capture leads and ready to put them through a sales funnel, let’s think about turning up the “faucet” on incoming traffic.

And let’s think about some little-known traditional marketing tactics that can be surprisingly effective for doing just that.

Traditional Marketing Tactic #1: Direct Mail

Sure, direct mail might not be a “little-known” marketing tactic—particularly if you’ve opened up your mailbox recently—but think about it this way: is it really so well known within your niche?

Is it well-known among people who are trying to maximize their online traffic?

Of course not! No one’s trying it!

And that’s where you have the advantage.

It might seem like direct mail has become the equivalent of “spam,” but things have actually reversed a bit.

In fact, direct mail is becoming more personal.

Why? Because the true spam is coming in your email inbox.

Email is cheap and doesn’t require paper.

Direct mail puts something in the potential customer’s hand.

Guess which one has become the novelty?

You can use this to your advantage by trying out direct mail campaigns. You’ll even find that they’re easy to incorporate into your analytics, as well.

Traditional Marketing Tactic #2: The Handwritten Note

Whenever you have an experience with a potential customer in person, you’d be surprised at how far a handwritten note can go.

According to Brittany Hodak of ZinePak, these handwritten notes can encompass a range of events, including birthdays, thank you notes, and even postcards.

Why bother?

After all, if you’re going to attract more traffic to your site, you’re going to need to send out a lot of hand written notes, aren’t you?

In this case, it’s a great way to capture a potentially warm lead.

This is more about the quality of the traffic and less about the quantity.

Even so, if you make it a part of your marketing routine, you’d be surprised at how it can build a more trusting following over time.

The more people experience something positive like this from your brand, the more likely it is they’ll recommend your site to others.

Traditional Marketing Tactic #3: Signage

If you work in the real estate or mortgage industries, you know the power of a well-placed sign.

Getting your phone number out into the world can be a great way to build incoming business.

But what about signage as it relates to your digital results?

Can you really attract more traffic with signage?

Sure, you can. And there are plenty of ways to do it, too.

Whether you place your website on a major billboard in town or sponsor an event, a memorable website link can help boost your website’s profile.

It can be a little tricky to measure the impact of signage, of course.

But the key is that you want to make your site’s address highly visible—especially if you have a memorable domain name.

With signage, you can boost the direct traffic coming in to your site and help establish a brand presence within a community.

Sure, you’ll generally have local access when it comes to advertising with signage, but that doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself. You can reach out to local metropolitan areas or even go to new places with your signage, as long as it all ultimately points to your website.

Traditional Marketing Tactic #4: Public Speaking

Let’s say you want to get a lot of people at an event to come to your website.

Should you spend all of your time networking?

Sure. That’s not a bad idea.

But you can be even more efficient with your time if you talk to entire crowds at once.

Public speaking can be a controversial marketing tactic for some.

And you never want to seem like you’re venturing too far into “sales mode” territory.

You’ll want to create a presentation that adds plenty of value to whichever event you’re attending—even if that’s your own event.

You want people to show up to the event regardless of what you have to sell them. You want them to come away with something.

The reason behind this is that it helps boost your credibility.

You don’t even have to make a strong pitch for your website at the end.

You can simply include it in your wrap-up remarks.

But if you’ve intrigued enough people, you’ll likely attract plenty of them to your website.

You can incorporate this with your digital efforts by uploading the video onto your social channels, as well.

The more time and thought you put into your presentation, and the more creative you make it, the more people will be likely to share it.

This boosts your profile, and ultimately helps you achieve the goal of getting more people to click to your website.

Traditional Marketing Tactic #5: Broadcast

Who’s to say that no one’s listening to the radio anymore?

Or watching TV?

You won’t venture very far off the streaming path before you discover that these advertisements are both alive and well.

That means you can use them to your advantage, especially if you’re careful about your selection of audience.

You may start small, opting for local radio and television spots.

You can typically call around and find quotes for the typical spots in these cases.

Once you do that, you’ll obviously want to think about what your commercial will say.

If you want to keep the effort minimal, you can always stick to radio.

You can even hire voice actors on the Internet for a surprisingly low amount of money.

Whatever you do, make sure that you come around to the final sales pitch at the end, which is, of course, your domain name.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to put everything together and reach an entirely new audience with a unique message.

Traditional Marketing Tactic #6: Flyers

Remember flyers?

If you were an entrepreneurial individual in your younger years, chances are you have experience with printing flyers for your business.

They’re no less effective now.

The great thing about flyers is that it puts your domain name in the hand of potential customers.

Even if they don’t want to visit your site now, they could always come back to the flyer, revisit it, and then type in your address.

But this is just one of many tactics you can use.

The point being: you don’t have to stay all-digital in order to create attention for your business.

As long as you have an effective landing page in place, you can point all sorts of traditional marketing media to your site and still make digital conversions.

To get started, consider signing up for a free trial of leadPops.