San Diego, CA – leadpops is proud to announce that the Funnels Admin has undergone a complete overhaul, along with the release of several new features.

This release is Phase 1 of a large, ongoing upgrade to the leadpops Funnels system and infrastructure.

Most of the updates that were made over the weekend cannot be seen, however, this new framework will allow us to release all the new features we’ve had planned for our clients for several years, but were not able to implement due to limitations of the original system.

This first release mainly focuses on improved organization of Lead Funnels within the Admin, with the ability to search, sort, and view Funnels by their (new) Names & Tags.

This improved Admin organization, along with the new Funnels naming and tagging conventions, pave the way for our upcoming Funnel Builder product, which will be released in the Summer 2020. 

Some of the immediate enhancements that went live over the weekend include:

  1. Significantly faster Funnels Admin loading times
  2. “Total Leads” displayed on Admin Page
  3. “Leads Per Funnel” count displayed on Admin Page (without having to OPEN each Funnel’s section)
  4. List view of all Funnels with pagination and “Funnels Per Page” options at the bottom
  5. Improved Funnel list views, featuring new “Sort by” menu, with options that include: Conversion Rate, Funnel Name, Funnel Tags, Number of Leads, Number of Visitors – with options to customize Ascending or Descending lists. 
  6. Funnels now have Names and Tags (editing ability is coming soon!)
  7. There is a search ability, where you can search by Funnel Name or Tag
  8. Sticky Bar location has been moved – due to the addition of Name & Tags taking up more room on the Funnel bars 

With the release of this new framework, we will be rolling out many additional new features and options over the coming weeks and months. 

You can also look forward to seeing major enhancements to the leadpops Sticky Bar toolset soon, including Sticky Bar Version 2.0, and our new solution. 

Many exciting additions are still to come, and leadpops members will be the first to know as we make new features live. 

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