Listen to Christian Penner from America’s Mortgage Solutions.

You’re about to learn how copy and pasting links lets him consistently close loans every month…

He’s closed 9 deals for $92,000 of commission directly as a result of his leadpops subscription.

Simply put, you want to generate more of your own, qualified leads.

You’re tired of feeding your hard-earned cash to the “Big Bullies” of the Mortgage industry.

You know who I mean… Bankrate, LowerMyBills, LendingTree…

The “exclusive” leads you do buy usually just snarl at you through the phone…

If they even pick up at all.

But you’re not a marketing wizard.

You don’t have time to reinvent your entire business. You’re busy enough as it is.

Plus, you don’t have extra money to throw at shiny objects that don’t bring any loans through your door.

You’ve been sold on tech solutions before only to end up back where you started: paying a huge company for a list of contacts that don’t want to talk to you.

If you could use the same techniques industry veterans use to generate their own leads and stop forking money over to the “Bullies…”

Would you?

“I’ve been doing marketing for 20 years. leadpops is one of the most amazing platforms I’ve ever worked with.”

Christian Penner, America’s Mortgage Solutions


As Branch Manager of America’s Mortgage Solutions, Christian Penner leads a strong team of mortgage professionals.

How does he make sure that each one of them is booked and busy?

Christian uses leadPops.

By including links to his Funnels on every piece of his marketing, Christian gives his audience the opportunity to become his clients.

Just like our client Enrique Braunschweiger, Christian puts Lead Funnels everywhere he can.

Thanks to this, he generates leads daily.

Generating new business online might sound too good to be true.

Most LOs know the trouble with getting a huge list of leads.

Who has the time to qualify every single one?

Christian doesn’t waste time with tire-kickers because he integrated Verse to do his lead follow-up.

Any experienced digital marketer knows that internet leads are a different beast than hot referrals from your cousin.

Verse takes the intricate follow-up process necessary to close digital leads and automates it for you.

By combining leadpops with Verse, Christian walks into his office with appointments already booked for him. 


What if you get all your business from referrals?

You just need a way to keep your Realtors happy and loyal.

Christian utilizes his leadpops Lead Funnels to provide value to his Realtor partners by generating leads for THEM.

There’s no way they can consider referring another LO.

Also by placing these Funnels on his partner’s websites, Christian earns leads from THEIR website traffic. Win-Win.

In the end, Christian sums it up perfectly.

If you want to guarantee your marketing dollars stop going to waste…

If you want to stop handing money directly to these lead generation mammoths…

If you want to bring value to your Realtors and have appointments scheduled for you…

You should start your leadpops Free Trial immediately.

You probably won’t be like Christian overnight.

But the first step you can take towards being an expert like Christian is to make sure your marketing gives you an ROI.

If you want to learn how you can integrate leadpops into your marketing strategy, schedule a Digital Marketing Assessment today.